Other Links

Here are some other links that might interest you. 

City of San Juan Bautista
A wonderful website featuring a calendar of town events, restaurants, shopping, information about the mission and parks, where to stay and services the town offers. A fun fact about San Juan Bautista - if you’re familiar with classic movies, the mission in town is the same mission featured in the 1958 Alfred Hitchcock thriller “Vertigo” with Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak .

St. Francis Retreat Center
A wonderful retreat center located a couple miles from the shop. If you're looking for a place to host a retreat you might want to contact them. The sewing/quilting room is very spacious, the rooms are quaint and the grounds are incredibly peaceful and beautiful. 

Norwegian Chicken Pincushion
We get asked about this pincushion all the time because it's the one our "Still Shopping" chickens are made from. Click on the links below for the written instructions and a video we found.
Written Instructions
YouTube Video

Sausage/Burrito Pillowcase 
A simple pillow case using 3 fabrics. This short video shows the small pillow case, but she lists fabric requirements for standard, king and queen on her tutorial page.
YouTube Video