Row by Row

Every year shops across the United States, Canada and Europe are given a theme and have to interpret it, however they choose, into a row measuring 9" x 36" (finished). 

Quilter's travel to participating shops, and during a specified time period can collect the free pattern (or purchase a kit if available). The event usually starts the first day of summer and runs through September. Once the event is over row patterns (and other items if available) can be purchased and mailed.

Over the years other things have been added for purchase - license plates featuring sayings and shop names (kinda fun to remember where you visited), fabric lines, pins and even other events (visit

This year (2018) shops are no longer constrained to one row size but can choose from a variety of sizes. For us, we’ll be sticking with the original 9” x 36” size for 2018.

"Purchase" links are listed for items that are still available.

2018 - Theme: Music


Steve, Scarlett, Betty, Bob and Carl are tuning up for the big event - this year's Sew Musical Row by Row event that is! Why not join in on the concert - you don't have to play an instrument, you can just hum along. And if you feel like dancing', well, that's just fine too.


Once our license plates ACTUALLY arrive, I will put some of them on the website for sale. I will also list some of the kits and the Row by Row pattern.


Please note, if you pre-order the pattern or pattern/kit it will NOT SHIP until the event is OVER which is November 1, 2018.


If you order a license plate ONLY we can ship those, but if you order any combination of pattern/kit with the license plate the whole order will ship in November.


Winner: Will it be you?


2017 - Theme: On the Go

Here come Steve and Scarlett again! This year’s theme of “On the Go” meant a little traveling for our furry friends. A little red bike and they are off. Bob the bluebird joins in because it was just too beautiful of a day not to.

Winner: Jeanette Perdue
(Yes, this is her 3rd time and the quilts just keep getting more
amazing...and BIG! This year's featured over 40 rows!)


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2016 - Theme: Home Sweet Home

Steve and Scarlett Squirrel are back for this year’s theme of “Home Sweet Home”. We thought – what squirrel isn’t at home in a bird feeder! We added Betty, Bob and Carl (the somewhat upset birds) too.

Winner: Jeanette Perdue

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2015 - Theme: Water (H20)

Last year’s row was such a success it was a unanimous decision to continue the adventures of Steve and Scarlett Squirrel. The 2015 theme was “water” and what better way to have fun than fishing. Of course squirrels wouldn’t be fishing for fish, they’d be fishing for acorns! Looks like Steve and Scarlett have caught a few.

Winner: Jeanette Perdue

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2014 - Theme: Seasons

2014 was the first year the shop participated. The theme was "seasons". Out of the four, fall is my favorite - it marks the end of summer with a slight chill in the evenings and leaves starting to rustle. As I started sketching the leaves blowing in the wind, a big tree - I thought of course our row needed a cute little critter or two – so in came Steve and Scarlett Squirrel.

Winner: Nancy Wilcox

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