Service Providers

We’d like to be able to say we can do it all, but truthfully, we can't. So over the years we've found some great folks who offer services that we aren’t able to. They include Long-arm Quilting, Custom Quilt Making, BindingEmbroideryMachine Repairs/Maintenance/RestorationPersonalized Instruction and even a top notch CPA.

Please contact them directly to inquire about their services and pricing. 

Long-arm Quilting

Finished a quilt top and need it quilted? There are long arm services to fit all your quilting needs - simple or complex edge-to-edge design, custom computer generated design or hand guided free-motion.

The Last Stitch - Anneke Wheaton
San Juan Bautista (right next door)
Specializes: custom computer or edge to edge

Melanie Meadows
San Jose
Specializes: edge to edge
Kimey's Stitches - Kim Husbeck
Los Banos
Specializes: edge to edge
Holly Casey Quilts - Holly Casey
King City
Specializes: free motion

Custom Quilt Making

Want a quilt made but don’t have time or you’re not a quilter? Why not contact one of these ladies.

Dancing Lady Quilts - Ronna Gilani
Kimey's Stitches - Kim Hushbeck
Los Banos


Your quilt is all quilted and you don’t want to or have time to sew on the binding? Contact Julee and she’ll do it for you. She does a fantastic job!

Julee Maggiora


Need something machine embroidered? Maybe a quilt block or a quilt label? Why not order one from a great lady.

Embroidery Studio/Garlic City ShirtWork - Carol and Al Gutierrez

Kimey's Stitches - Kim Husbeck (quilt labels)
Los Banos

Machine Repairs/Maintenance/Restoration

Does your sewing machine need a tune-up? Having problems and need something fixed? Give one of these gentlemen a call.

John Locey
Hollister (uses Family Threads as a pick up/drop off point)
Specializes: Singer Featherweights
Machine Medics - Karen and Luis Gonzalez
Capitola (uses Family Threads as a pick up/drop off point on Thursdays)
Twice Nice Shoppe - Dave Trebotich
Specializes: Featherweight restoration and painting 

Personalized Sewing Instruction

If you'd like to learn how to read a garment pattern, learn to sew some type of clothing, Michelle is at the shop every other month and has years of experience. 

Simply Love to Sew - Michelle Zeiler


We've included this listing because we like to promote swell folks, and that's what Shannon is, the best. If you need Professional Accounting Services she's a certified CPA which means she knows her stuff! And she's really, really nice. 

Shannon Wilkinson, CPA